Saving $$ with Bountiful Baskets

Some of you have probably heard of Bountiful Baskets and the great deal you can get on produce. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, here’s a quick run down.

Bountiful Baskets is a non-profit food co-op for families that want to have more fresh produce for less money. In order to participate, you must set up a free account on the website…Contributions are accepted beginning Mondays at 10:00 a.m. for Utah, and 12:00 p.m. for all other states. Making a contribution is sometimes referred to as “ordering”, but this is not accurate. We call it contributing or participating, because Bountiful Baskets is not a business that you buy from, but rather a co-op where we all pool our money to buy things together

The website includes a list of participation locations along with “New Participant Instructions” to help you navigate your first time ordering/contributing. But basically you need to log on on Mondays, order up to 3 baskets and additional packs (such as multi-grain bread), if you want them, and pay with a credit card. Read the rest of this entry »


Summer Hiatus and

Yes, Hello. I’m back. I guess I took an unintentional summer hiatus from my blog. You see, what happened was that right after school got out, I took a trip back home to OKC. Then when I came back I started working at summer school. And then I kinda forgot. And then when I remembered I got down on my whole blog with the inevitable, “What’s the point? No one ever reads it anyway,” slump that all blog writers go through. However I had four or five different people ask me in a few weeks span ask me what happened and that they missed reading it and so here I am. Back for another go at it. Only this time I’ve decided that in order to keep myself from getting burnt out I’m only going to be posting once a week, just so ya know. And to try to revive the reading traffic of my blog I’m going to be doing something special and fun in a couple of weeks! So anyways, onward to the main post idea… is a free website that I first heard about a few years ago but I didn’t actually try it out until the beginning of this summer. Since I’ve started using it I’ve saved at least $40 on “new” video games for Hubby and probably that much on “new” books too. Read the rest of this entry »

Pat on My Back: Almost FREE stuff!

This is why couponing is pretty much the best money saving thing ever. Do you know how much all this stuff would’ve cost without  coupons (minus the few birthday cards in the picture)? Almost $12 exactly. Want to know how much I paid for it? A whoopin’ .49 cents!! And really, the only thing I “paid” for is the .49 for the Miracle Whip. All the other stuff I got free with my coupons. That’s basically $11.50 in my pocket! Coupons = free money! Do it!

Couponing 101: How to save hundreds each month.

Just to brag a little, the total value of all the groceries that I bought last month was $277.45. I only paid $100.66 saving myself $176.79 or 64% on my grocery bill, all by using coupons.

All of the items in this picture I purchased for under $1 after coupons, most of the items were purchased for under $ .75 (some of them I even got for free!).

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Picture This!:My 21st Century, Couponing Mom

My mom was one of those pioneering couponers when couponing wasn’t “the thing to do”. However, for the past 3 years she’s fallen off the wagon and has been doing the impulse or “buying what I need NOW” shopping trips. Last night we found some OKC based coupon blogs. She had NO idea how to coupon using the internet, so I showed her. It’s pretty much about 50 zillion times easier than the old fashion way. The old fashion way involved looking at the ad, and going through EVERY SINGLE coupon and coupon insert. The new way is much MUCH easier. Go to blog, read blog, go shopping. We used Simple Saving Savvy (found here) and Coupon Closet (found there), I helped her put together a grocery list based off of what was free or cheap, then we headed to Homeland. At the store, after checking out, we spent $20 saved $80 AND she got a Catalina for a free gallon of milk on her next purchase ON TOP of what’s shown here! I have a feeling Mom’s gonna go back to her old couponing ways now!

Pat on My Back: New Jeans

Hooray for new jeans! Especially ones that are long enough for my chicken legs!

 Pretty brave of me to announce my jean size to the world, huh?

I have been needing new jeans for like…..a very long time. The jeans I was wearing as of yesterday were too short, too small, and were starting to get tiny holes in them. They just didn’t look good. So yesterday I went jean shopping at good ol’ Kohl’s. Kohl’s always has pretty good deals going on and last night was no exception. Without the sale prices and the extra 30% off coupon that my mom had, these four pairs of jeans would have been about $135! That would have been $33.75 a pair.

Now for most people that’s not a bad price for jeans, that’s actually pretty good. But when you’re used to getting toothpaste for free and cereal for $ .50 a box at the grocery store, paying almost $34 for one pair of jeans is out of the question. Luckily for me, all of these jeans were on sale. In addition to that, my mom had a coupon to get an extra 30% off our entire purchase. So how much did I end up paying for these four pair of pants? Solamente (that’s “only” in spanish, throwin’ in a little extra for ya there) $60!! THAT is only $15 a pair! I saved more on the jeans than I paid for them (I saved $75).  Another argument to throw out there for coupons and evidence of why buying off seaon (all of the capris and shorts were priced more than the jeans!) is always gonna save you money.

$aving: with Loyalty Programs

Use these...

Get this!


There aren’t very many things that I consistenly buy or many brands that I consistenly buy from.  However, for those very few things/brands that I do regularly use I always look for one thing: a loyalty program. Why do you ask? Well the answer is a very simple one: free stuff! And really, who doesn’t LOVE free stuff?! Here are the four loyalty programs that I currently use.

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