First Ever GIVEAWAY!

3 weeks ago I had an article of mine published on my very favorite money-saving website. They had a post saying that they were going to start paying $50 for independent articles. I decided to submit an article I originally put on this blog about saving money by canceling our cable. And they accepted it!! So not only was one of MY articles on my favorite website but I also got paid $50 for it, double score! You can see and read the article here.

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Pat on My Back: Almost FREE stuff!

This is why couponing is pretty much the best money saving thing ever. Do you know how much all this stuff would’ve cost without  coupons (minus the few birthday cards in the picture)? Almost $12 exactly. Want to know how much I paid for it? A whoopin’ .49 cents!! And really, the only thing I “paid” for is the .49 for the Miracle Whip. All the other stuff I got free with my coupons. That’s basically $11.50 in my pocket! Coupons = free money! Do it!

Couponing 101: How to save hundreds each month.

Just to brag a little, the total value of all the groceries that I bought last month was $277.45. I only paid $100.66 saving myself $176.79 or 64% on my grocery bill, all by using coupons.

All of the items in this picture I purchased for under $1 after coupons, most of the items were purchased for under $ .75 (some of them I even got for free!).

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New TLC Extreme Couponing Series: Irritating

Go to this clip here to see some other REAL gems.

Starting April 6th, TLC is going to start a new series called Extreme Couponing. Now one would think that I would be excited about this new series. However I am not. I’m actually kind of annoyed. And it’s not because I’m afraid “the secret is going to get out” or that all of the merchandise on grocery store shelves are going to suddenly disappear. It’s because this show is going to make ALL coupon users look like crazies. Seriously. Did you watch the clip yet? What was the first thing you thought after you watched it? It was probably something along the lines of, “Whoa! Those women have lost it!”

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Picture This!:My 21st Century, Couponing Mom

My mom was one of those pioneering couponers when couponing wasn’t “the thing to do”. However, for the past 3 years she’s fallen off the wagon and has been doing the impulse or “buying what I need NOW” shopping trips. Last night we found some OKC based coupon blogs. She had NO idea how to coupon using the internet, so I showed her. It’s pretty much about 50 zillion times easier than the old fashion way. The old fashion way involved looking at the ad, and going through EVERY SINGLE coupon and coupon insert. The new way is much MUCH easier. Go to blog, read blog, go shopping. We used Simple Saving Savvy (found here) and Coupon Closet (found there), I helped her put together a grocery list based off of what was free or cheap, then we headed to Homeland. At the store, after checking out, we spent $20 saved $80 AND she got a Catalina for a free gallon of milk on her next purchase ON TOP of what’s shown here! I have a feeling Mom’s gonna go back to her old couponing ways now!

Pat on my back

For all of you coupon skeptics out there. AND for all of you coupon lovers out there, I would like to share my recent success story.


a very full freezer

THIS is a stocked freezer. 90% of it got stocked during a recent trip to Safeway. Here’s what I bought:

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