And the winner is….

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Things I like: Free phone apps!


I read on another blog last week that you can go to the Amazon App Store and get a Free! (yes, absolutely no strings attached kind of free) android paid app every day. Sorry to any of you that have an iphone, this is only for android phones. However, I don’t feel that bad because iphones got all the love for a long time and now it’s the androids’ turn.

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an unintentional lie.

Hey everyone!….how’s it goin’?………hey…….hi………oops.

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything today. I’ve been dealing with massive amounts of costly chaos today. I found out yesterday that I need to replace all four of the struts on my car and and a rear sway bar (whatever THAT is) and it’s gonna cost me over $1700. super… **WARNING** Commencing: Spending Shut Down Mode. One of the first things I did when I got home was listed something for sale on Amazon (got to get the flow to come back IN). Then the next thing I did was look in my pantry and refrigerator and tried to guesstimate how long I could go before I had to go to the store to buy groceries. I’m tellin ya, when something like that gets dropped in my lap, everything becomes a luxury. Even food becomes a luxury. WHAT? You want to eat something besides ramen noodles, cereal and rice-a-roni for the next week?? UNACCEPTABLE! Read the rest of this entry »


So I’m not really sure how or why this happened but I’m happy about it! For the past 3 days I’ve gotten over 100 hits everyday!! Yesterday has been the highest so far with 175 hits in one day! HOLY COW!! Again, I’m not really sure how it happened. All I do know is that the majority of these views was on my cleaning with toothbrushes post. I thought that post was good but I didn’t know it was THAT good. Anyways, to whoever has been viewing so much muchas gracias! Gold star for you!

Also, I just wanted to say that tomorrow (*spoiler alert*) I will be talking about my favorite recipe website! Tune in tomorrow for more information.

Dear Readers…

sorry I’ve been so remiss about posting this week. My mommy came to visit me and just left tonight. AND I’m going on an overnight field trip to the Denver Science Museum tomorrow and will not get back until 4:00-ish on Friday, so no post tomorrow or possibly Friday. However, I will definitely have a post for you on Saturday!! And even better, you get to pick which category I write about! I have 3 ideas but I don’t know which one to pick so you get to decide. Do you want….

You have two days to vote so take some time to think about what you’d like to see and then vote vote vote! Actually, you can only vote once so the other two “votes” were a tease.

Here is a picture of a Chihuahua to look at after you vote. p.s.- my dog looks almost just like this!

The one you’ve been waiting for…

You know you’ve been waiting for this one.  You know you’ve been wondering when it was coming. You know you’ve been scratching your head and pondering. So now, I’ve finally decided to give it to you. To pass on the knowledge of how I’ve been saving hundreds of dollars each month.  How I’m cutting some of my expense by 60% percent or more. In short: how I coupon. “The Post.”  The reason why most of you visit my blog each day, wondering if today is going to be “the day”.


And so, I will pass along that knowledge to you…tomorrow. 🙂 Stayed tuned for a full massive money-saving report.

Something to look forward to

If you haven’t noticed the updated “short term goal” post I will tell the good news now. I have reached one of my goals of getting 10 subscribers! Oh, I’m so heppe! (name that movie) Now on to my next goal of getting 60 views in one day. I’ve gotten some pretty good turnout this past week so I’m confident that that goal will be reached soon too. But anyways, gold star for those 10 people who jumped on the bandwagon early! (Gold star located to the immediate left)


Before I check in for the night I wanted to give a sneak peek or sneak read or small glimpse, sound bit, or w/e of what my post tomorrow is going to be about. I managed to get Wal-Mart (yes, that big business, mom & pop store killer) to give me $130 to replace two of my tires. Intrigued? Want to know how I did it? Tune in tomorrow to find out! (hint: it involved more than one strategy)