$2 date night!

This is a fun activity that Jeffy and I did a few weeks ago for our family home evening. We went to our local Dollar Tree with ourselves, and $1 each. The challenge: to go through the whole store and pick out something that cost $1 or less than $1 that we thought the other person would like the best. Let me tell ya, no easy task. The stuff at the Dollar Tree isn’t exactly the place that would pop into your mind when thinking of a gift buying store. However, if you think creatively, Dollar Tree can be a great place to find some real gems.

It was fun walking around the store independently and running into each other and trying not to look as if we were considering any one item too seriously. And then once we found that great $1 item to try to covertly sneak up to the register and buy your item without the other one trying to see what you put on the conveyor belt.

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Family Game Night!

There’s a reason why Hasbro’s advertising campaign is Family Game Night. Yeah sure, it gets you to buy their games and they make money. However, I’m gonna throw Hasbro a bone here and assume that the reason why they’ve REALLY campaigned for a family game night is an altruistic one. Because game nights are fun. And because Family game night can be fun AND rewarding. Think about it, is there anyone out there who is proud of having a crappy relationship with their family? Or are people proud when they have an uncommonly good relationship with their parents and siblings? Read the rest of this entry »

FHE Tonight: Write a Missionary!

Write a note to a missionary. Pray for guidance and inspiration about what to share — be it humorous, spiritual, or a report on what’s happening in your home, city, ward, etc.

I know this isn’t really a new, creative, exciting idea. But I just had a friend who reported to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah last Wednesday.  And I know he would appreciate all the letters and emails he can get from anyone whether you know him or not. Austin (Elder Spitler now) is the kind of guy who’ll talk/write to you whether he knows you or not so don’t let that stop ya. Missionaries LOVE letters because it reminds them that they haven’t been forgotten about. This is from his Facebook page (it’s in all caps, not my bad): Read the rest of this entry »

Family Home Evening Idea: No recipe cookies

I remember, for the very short time that I was in a single’s ward in Laramie, one of the best FHE’s that I ever had was when we made cookies. But this was no ordinary cookie making event. This was a cookie making contest. We were given the challenge of dividing into groups and making the best tasting cookie of all the groups. However, there was a catch (as there always is).

I miss cookie monster. Stupid vegetable monster.

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Family Home Evening Idea

So, this post is a little late. Actually, it’s probably completely useless to most of you who happen to be a time zone ahead of me. Oh well, I will still post it anyways in hopes of the fact that those of you who haven’t had FHE yet, will do so because you got a great idea on WHAT to do here!

For those of you not in the know about what Family Home Evening (FHE) is, it’s a night set aside each week (usually a Monday) for families to spend some “quality time together” (cheesy, but true). There will usually be some sort of fun activity, followed by a spiritual thought or lesson that ties into the activity.You can find out more about FHE here.  It’s easier (I think) to have FHE when there are children around, or at least more than two people. I feel like trying to have FHE when it’s just you and your spouse is along the lines of “uh…I spend all of my time with you anyways. What are we possibly gonna do to make this different than all the OTHER times I spend with you throughout the week?”

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Sunday Posts….

are not going to exist. I’ve been thinking all week of whether or not I wanted to post on Sundays and, I’m gonna go with no.  Sunday is a day of rest, and I highly value he rest that I get from my restful Sundays. So…go enjoy your Sabbath day and I’ll go enjoy mine!

p.s.-LDS.org would be a GREAT site to visit today. Lots and lots of good Sabbath day material to choose from.