Making easy, healthy food swaps

not me...

I am my no means a “healthy food only” eater. I enjoy my chocolate, ice cream, and chocolate ice cream just as much as the next guy (probably more when it comes to chocolate ice cream). However, when I’m cooking at home I try to make healthy alternatives. For instances, whenever I make boxed mac and cheese I never add the butter/margarine that the directions say to add. And guess what? No one has ever noticed. With other recipes that say to add butter to the pan when cooking meat, no way Jose. I add a light coating of canola oil to the pan and save myself a nice hunk of calories and fat.

I also use the same swapping concept when I’m buying foods. When I’m faced with two choices for a particular food at the grocery store, I will almost always go with the healthier of the two. I do this by reading nutrition labels. Whichever option is lower in fat, calories or sugar chances are I’m going to be buying that one.

I’m sure the question that is wondered right now is “yeah, that sounds nice, but doesn’t those “light” foods taste bland/worse/gross when compared to the original?” To which I will say, Nope! In fact, I’ve been pleasantly when I’ve eaten the “healthy” version to find that it tastes the same as the “non-healthy” version. Read the rest of this entry »


White Vinegar: The best rinse aid ever

I really wish I could’ve made the word “ever” look like ever” because white vinegar really is that good at, basically everything. I’ve been reading a bunch of different articles online about how baking soda and vinegar are pretty much the answer to every cleaning question you will ever have for the rest of your life. Case in point:

Here are some pictures of what my dishes looked like before using vinegar in the dishwasher and after we started using it. I took pictures with the flash and without the flash to highlight the residue that used to be on our dishes after coming out of the wash.

Amazing no? I know I was impressed the first time I pulled the dishes out after using it. Now vinegar as become a staple to our dishwasher. I pour quite a bit into the rinse aid compartment and check on it every week or so to see if it needs to be refilled. The best part about this is how much cheaper it is than buying a rinse aid. It costs a lot more for 1 bottle of Jet Dry (which only lasts a few washes) than it does for a bottle of white vinegar that will last for months! Also, white vinegar is a lot greener (greener? more green?) earth friendly than any commercial rinse aid which is nothing but artificial chemicals. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to get your dishes truly clean and spot-free look no further than the white vinegar bottle that is already sitting on your shelf!

Never forget liquid measurements AGAIN!

A few weeks ago one of the teachers where I work found a diagram to help her kids learn and remember liquid measurements. Now, if you’re like me you probably have no cognizant memory of when or if you learned liquid measurements. Therefore, the likelihood that you still remember them is slim to none. However, after seeing this diagram neither you nor I nor anyone else will ever forget their liquid measurement conversions ever again.

I drew it myself on MS Paint!

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Reading: It does a brain good.

One of the New Year’s Resolutions that I made way way WAY back in January was to read 12 books this year, spacing it out to at least one book a month (way to go on the 4th grade division!). So far, I’ve surpassed my projected progress and have already read five books this year. With me reading so much I thought it might be a fun idea to let y’all know what book I just finished reading and to recommend the book, if it’s good (duh, why would I recommend a bad book?). So with that in mind….

I just read: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

and it looked just like this one!

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Things I like: Eat This Not That!

This book has got to be one of the easiest, user-friendly, up-front, no-nonsense “health books” I’ve ever seen. My mom bought a couple of these about two years ago after she saw them being talked about on TV and then later saw them in a bookstore. The book is called Eat This Not That! (The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution!). The book shows you (in pictures!) easy food swaps you can make to save yourself hundreds of calories, grams of sugar and badĀ fats in exchange for more fiber, good fats, etc. And the best part? You’re still going to be eating the SAME food!

This is the book I have

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