Summer Hiatus and

Yes, Hello. I’m back. I guess I took an unintentional summer hiatus from my blog. You see, what happened was that right after school got out, I took a trip back home to OKC. Then when I came back I started working at summer school. And then I kinda forgot. And then when I remembered I got down on my whole blog with the inevitable, “What’s the point? No one ever reads it anyway,” slump that all blog writers go through. However I had four or five different people ask me in a few weeks span ask me what happened and that they missed reading it and so here I am. Back for another go at it. Only this time I’ve decided that in order to keep myself from getting burnt out I’m only going to be posting once a week, just so ya know. And to try to revive the reading traffic of my blog I’m going to be doing something special and fun in a couple of weeks! So anyways, onward to the main post idea… is a free website that I first heard about a few years ago but I didn’t actually try it out until the beginning of this summer. Since I’ve started using it I’ve saved at least $40 on “new” video games for Hubby and probably that much on “new” books too. Read the rest of this entry »


Things I like: Free phone apps!


I read on another blog last week that you can go to the Amazon App Store and get a Free! (yes, absolutely no strings attached kind of free) android paid app every day. Sorry to any of you that have an iphone, this is only for android phones. However, I don’t feel that bad because iphones got all the love for a long time and now it’s the androids’ turn.

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Casting the Net:

My absolute favorite website for finding new recipes is Remember my Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe? Got it off of that website. The Rigatoni Bolognese? as well. A slow cooker buffalo chicken sandwich that I have yet to post about, but which is delicious? Yup, same website. This site has everything you could ever want to cook and how to cook it in a million different variations. I’d like to point out a few of my favorite features that this site has to offer. Read the rest of this entry »

Casting the Net: All You free sample page

Do you know what this stuff is?


It is: a box of Kleenex tissues, a box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, a Dove for Men body wash, a Dove for Men deodorant, a Neil Med sinus reliever spray medicine, some organice seasoning, a Secret Clinical Strength deodorant, a Secret Scent Expressions deodorant (which smells delicious), (back to the left) a small package of regular and compact tampons, a small package of pantyliners, Victoria’s Secret perfume, a facewash packet, a facial moisturizer packet, a coupon for $1.50 of that facial cleaner brand, two $1.00 coupons for the Dove for Men, a pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution and not pictured is a Soy Joy bar that I already ate before I took the picture. Read the rest of this entry »

Casting the net:

I’m horrible at keeping a journal. I mean, really horrible. The last time I wrote in a journal of any kind was June 26, 2010. It was a Saturday. How do I know this? Because of a journaling website that I heard of about 1 1/2 years ago. It is a GREAT website for those who are interested in journaling but can’t/don’t want to take the time to sit down and hand write it out on paper. It’s called and it can be used by anyone interested in keeping a journal for themselves, their children, whoever! Even though this website is catered to Latter-Day Saints everyone can benefit from using this site. It’s a free site (optional premium upgrade) that offers anyone the chance to record daily (weekly/whenever!) events that happen in their life that they want to remember. It also offers a few unique features that I think really makes this site worthwhile.

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Casting my net into the net: is by far one of  my favorite websites. My sister told me about last summer. Once I figured out what it was, I immediately recognized it’s value. I could literally spend DAYS on Stumble and never get tired of it. It’s is one of those great websites to use when you are absolutely bored stiff and no one is updating their Facebooks nearly as often as your checking them (which is about every 45 seconds). In order to adequately describe this website, I looked to the actual site in it’s “About Us” section.

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