Picture This: Impending Shopping Doom

I start to become keenly aware that Christmas/Black Friday is approaching when I go from getting 3-4 ads in the Sunday paper to getting 12. Yes, 12. Meaning 3 to 4 times the usual number of ads. Although I am salivating over that red shirt and cardigan in the Sears ad. Goin’ on the Christmas list!


Picture This!: Husband Flowers

(otherwise known as flowers from my husband)

I rarely ever get flowers from my husband. The last time I got flowers from Jeffrey was on my birthday in July, and they were potted flowers (granted, I still have those flowers and they are always in bloom so I’ll give him props for that one). I really like getting flowers but I am starting to think that I have a yearly flower allotment and that allotment is, 2. Yes, just two. I asked Jeffrey one time why he doesn’t get me flowers more often because he knows I like getting flowers. His answer, “I don’t get you flowers more often because then it wont be extra special when I do get them for you.” I have a feeling that is his fancy way of saying “set the bar low and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised when I surpass it.” However, he is a guy and the real reason is probably just because he doesn’t “get” the flowers things.

With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I got back from OKC over spring break I had these waiting for me:


Very pretty. Regardless of the fact that he only picks out flowers twice a year, he does a dang good job of picking out some pretty ones. And you better believe that when I get flowers I baby those things for as long as I can because I don’t know when the next ones will be coming ’round. So public props to the hubby on this one.

Picture This!:My 21st Century, Couponing Mom

My mom was one of those pioneering couponers when couponing wasn’t “the thing to do”. However, for the past 3 years she’s fallen off the wagon and has been doing the impulse or “buying what I need NOW” shopping trips. Last night we found some OKC based coupon blogs. She had NO idea how to coupon using the internet, so I showed her. It’s pretty much about 50 zillion times easier than the old fashion way. The old fashion way involved looking at the ad, and going through EVERY SINGLE coupon and coupon insert. The new way is much MUCH easier. Go to blog, read blog, go shopping. We used Simple Saving Savvy (found here) and Coupon Closet (found there), I helped her put together a grocery list based off of what was free or cheap, then we headed to Homeland. At the store, after checking out, we spent $20 saved $80 AND she got a Catalina for a free gallon of milk on her next purchase ON TOP of what’s shown here! I have a feeling Mom’s gonna go back to her old couponing ways now!

Picture This!: Camping in the living room

Jeffrey with his camp food

So we have these cards called “52 Weeks of Romance”. They are scratch off cards “for him” and “for her”. Every week one of us pulls a card out, scratches off the silver coating stuff and plan a surprise based off of what the card says. This week was my week and my card said to have a camp out under the stars in our backyard. BUT we live in an apartment, having no camping gear, and it’s still freezing outside. So instead I set up a sleeping mat on our living room floor. We made hot dogs (a staple campfire food), and ate rocky road ice cream for dessert (because it has chocolate and marshmallows, 2 outta 3 s’more ingredients ain’t bad). We also watched a movie for the “camp out under the stars part”, I’m clever…I know.

p.s.- Doesn’t Jeffrey look so cute in this picture? Kinda looks like a little kid, I love him.