Pat on My Back: Sale Savings

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Pat on My Back: Almost FREE stuff!

This is why couponing is pretty much the best money saving thing ever. Do you know how much all this stuff would’ve cost without  coupons (minus the few birthday cards in the picture)? Almost $12 exactly. Want to know how much I paid for it? A whoopin’ .49 cents!! And really, the only thing I “paid” for is the .49 for the Miracle Whip. All the other stuff I got free with my coupons. That’s basically $11.50 in my pocket! Coupons = free money! Do it!

Pat on my back: $180 worth of tires for $39!

So, as per my sister’s request (even though it was already guessed correctly), the movie I quoted in the last post (“Oh I’m so heppe!) was from Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Ya know, the princess with the metal chastity belt and all that.

recently owned by Stacie!!

Anyways, on to how I owned Wal-Mart yesterday. But first, a little back story to set it up. I bought 4 new tires a year and a half ago from Wal-Mart. The tires that I bought were guaranteed to last 60,000 (which, if you drive your car 15.000 miles a year, should last you about 4 years). When I bought my tires I also purchased the lifetime balance and rotation package for the tires (you’re suppose to rotate every other oil change or 6.000).  Every time I went in to get an oil change I asked to get my tires rotated if they needed it. Come to find out they weren’t rotated AT ALL, EVER.

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Pat on My Back: New Jeans

Hooray for new jeans! Especially ones that are long enough for my chicken legs!

 Pretty brave of me to announce my jean size to the world, huh?

I have been needing new jeans for like…..a very long time. The jeans I was wearing as of yesterday were too short, too small, and were starting to get tiny holes in them. They just didn’t look good. So yesterday I went jean shopping at good ol’ Kohl’s. Kohl’s always has pretty good deals going on and last night was no exception. Without the sale prices and the extra 30% off coupon that my mom had, these four pairs of jeans would have been about $135! That would have been $33.75 a pair.

Now for most people that’s not a bad price for jeans, that’s actually pretty good. But when you’re used to getting toothpaste for free and cereal for $ .50 a box at the grocery store, paying almost $34 for one pair of jeans is out of the question. Luckily for me, all of these jeans were on sale. In addition to that, my mom had a coupon to get an extra 30% off our entire purchase. So how much did I end up paying for these four pair of pants? Solamente (that’s “only” in spanish, throwin’ in a little extra for ya there) $60!! THAT is only $15 a pair! I saved more on the jeans than I paid for them (I saved $75).  Another argument to throw out there for coupons and evidence of why buying off seaon (all of the capris and shorts were priced more than the jeans!) is always gonna save you money.

Pat on my back

For all of you coupon skeptics out there. AND for all of you coupon lovers out there, I would like to share my recent success story.


a very full freezer

THIS is a stocked freezer. 90% of it got stocked during a recent trip to Safeway. Here’s what I bought:

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