Neosporin as….an acne treatment?

Zit Zapper?

I don’t remember where I heard this but someone told me once that using Neosporin can help clear up pimples. The logic? Neosporin is an over the counter, topical antibiotic. Bacteria is what causes pimples and acne. Ere go, using an antibiotic like Neosporin will help treat acne. To me this sounded like perfectly sound logic, an incredible “ah ha!” moment. However I wanted to see if anyone else in this big, wide world of ours had also thought of using Neosporin as an acne treatment.

Would you believe that when you type in “Neosporin as acne treatment,” Google autofills it? That right there told me that, yes indeed, other people out there have had the same question as I. About 106,000 results popped up when I finished typing my request in. From my 10 minutes worth of “research” which consisted of skimming the first 4 responses, the results are mixed. There is what this site said about it: Read the rest of this entry »


Fashion no-no, or no?: Brown pants, black shoes

We all know that wearing BROWN shoes with BLACK pants is a huge fashion no-no. If you weren’t aware of this information, I’d invite you to do some research here, there, or basically anywhere. When I Googled “brown shoes with black pants”, surprisingly Google autofilled my request and came back with about 2 MILLION results! Most of the results being in the negative. So suffice it to say, that issue is pretty much resolved.

Decisions, decisions...

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