Couponing Myth: Junk Food

One of the big couponing myths that I’ve heard in my past year of intense couponing (I’m not extreme because I don’t have a year supply of toilet paper, but I’m intense because I do only shop with coupons 95% of the time) is that the only type of coupons that you can find are coupons for processed/junk food. Coupons for healthy just plain don’t exist.

Junk Food!

Foods such as: sugar cereal, ice cream, salty snacks (including chips), soda, mac & cheese, dip, ramen noodles, popcorn, candy bars, “cereal” bars (which are more candy than cereal), pizza, fat loaded pasta sauce, oil loaded sides and those TV dinners that have your whole days worth of calories; these are all foods that you can’t swing a dead cat around without finding a coupon for. Read the rest of this entry »


Couponing 101: How to save hundreds each month.

Just to brag a little, the total value of all the groceries that I bought last month was $277.45. I only paid $100.66 saving myself $176.79 or 64% on my grocery bill, all by using coupons.

All of the items in this picture I purchased for under $1 after coupons, most of the items were purchased for under $ .75 (some of them I even got for free!).

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