About Me

re·me·di·al (r -m d – l). adj. 1. Supplying a remedy. 2. Intended to correct or improve deficient skills in a specific subject


This is me now

My name is Stacie and I’m 23. I’m also a wife and I live in a house (actually, I right now I live in an apartment but there is no such thing as an Apartmentwife). I’m still learning the basics of what it means to be an adult, which means whoever happens to be along for the ride should get some hilarious kicks out of watching/reading about me trying to learn how to swim in the house-keeping deep end. I will also share the random ramblings of my mind and life, which (hopefully) will be equally entertaining.

Along the way I hope to pick up some shortcuts, tips, and tricks that I will graciously share with you. In return, I would like for you to help me become famous (i.e., rich) by being a constant visitor to my blog and indiscriminately  referring your friends to my site. Now that we have the details of our agreement hammered out, let’s get to it.

This is the desired result from this blog

This is the desired result


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