Pat on My Back: Sale Savings

What you are looking at is an almost complete picture of Hubby and I’s shopping trip on Saturday. All told we spent $124.62 for:

3 pairs of jeans for Jeffrey

2 pairs of jeans for myself

1 pair of slacks for Jeffrey (not shown)

1 Donald Trump brand blue pinstripe button down shirt (not shown)

1 blue tie to match said shirt

1 red button down shirt

1 blue casual shirt for Jeffrey

6 long sleeve shirts of various colors for me (5 shown)

The actual value of all of our items was $532.16 (approx). That means we saved $407.54!! We saved all that money by shopping sales, using a coupons (of course!) and shopping at a thrift store. I think Jeffrey will tell you that he’s a thrift store convert now after finding the practically brand new pair of slacks (half price at $2.49!!) and red button down shirt ($5.99). He become a Ross convert this summer but he was really blown away this weekend when we got him a $55 tie for $16. And JC Penney’s was having a great sale this week that allowed us to get Jeffrey a brand new pair of jeans for $12.76 and the shirts for $4.95 each for me!


One Comment on “Pat on My Back: Sale Savings”

  1. Brenda says:

    Great job shopping! My husband finds a lot of really nice golf shirts at thrift stores.

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