Couponing Myth: Junk Food

One of the big couponing myths that I’ve heard in my past year of intense couponing (I’m not extreme because I don’t have a year supply of toilet paper, but I’m intense because I do only shop with coupons 95% of the time) is that the only type of coupons that you can find are coupons for processed/junk food. Coupons for healthy just plain don’t exist.

Junk Food!

Foods such as: sugar cereal, ice cream, salty snacks (including chips), soda, mac & cheese, dip, ramen noodles, popcorn, candy bars, “cereal” bars (which are more candy than cereal), pizza, fat loaded pasta sauce, oil loaded sides and those TV dinners that have your whole days worth of calories; these are all foods that you can’t swing a dead cat around without finding a coupon for.Yes, I get your point. There are an abundance of “crappy food” coupons. You can tell by the picture above that I do occasionally indulge myself into buying some of those items.

However, the majority of the things that I buy are actually really healthy items. And YES, I bought every single one of those things with a coupon.

NOT Junk Food!

As you can see WITH A COUPON I’ve bought: canned vegetables, natural peanut butter, salad, cheese, greek yogurt, Healthy Choice soup, canned beans, whole grain brown rice, Mott’s Medly and V8 Fusion Light (both of which have at least one serving of fruits and veggies per 80z.), Garden Delight pasta (1/2 a serving of veggies per portion), tortillas made with whole grain wheat, Prego pasta sauce (full serving of veggies), Nature Valley granola bars (all natural, I read the ingredients list), and two different kinds of Chex cereal which both contain whole grain rice or corn (and way less sugar than Cinnamon Toast Crunch). Not included in this pictures is a Green Giant boxed vegetable medley which I forgot to pull out for the picture.

For those of you keeping score that’s 11 junk food items and 16 healthy food items purchased with coupons! Are there equal amounts of healthy food and junk food coupons? No. There will always be more coupons for processed foods than there will be for healthy foods. Does that mean that healthy food coupons don’t exist? Absolutely not. I’d say that if you were to look there a coupon insert on any given Sunday you’d find a 35:65 healthy foods to junk foods coupon ratio. About the same with online coupons. However that does not mean that 1. you have to use the unhealthy coupons and 2. that you can’t use the healthy coupon along with a sale to get some nutritious foods at a great price!

Now,  hopefully, those of you who are still skeptical about using coupons will see that it really is a great way to stretch your food budget and you can still get foods that are worth eating!!

p.s.- The plant is suffering from a little over-watering however I expect it to make a full recovery soon.


2 Comments on “Couponing Myth: Junk Food”

  1. Diane Abla says:

    “these are all foods that you can’t swing a dead cat around”…say what?

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